Hello Fanime!

If you are reading this and had gotten a little card from one of the Amtgard demos at Fanime: welcome!

This is the website for the Santa Cruz, CA chapter of Amtgard which we lovingly refer to as “the park.” But everyone else seems to call us “Wavehaven” or “those [explicitive] Wavehaveners” for some reason. If you live in the South Bay Area or Central Coast area, we invite you to come and see us on our normal park days. These are every Saturday (except perhaps for two Saturdays from now, the 9th, when a lot of us will be at an event, see below) at the Frederick Street Park in Santa Cruz, CA. Our official start time is 12-noon, but people tend to drift in between 12 and 1, so if you get there and don’t see anyone dressed funny (like in the picture above or as you saw at the Con) then stick around a while.

Information about Wavehaven or questions can be found and asked at our forums: on the CAamtgard.com website.

Or, being in the Bay Area and you don’t feel like commuting over the hill to Santa Cruz on a Saturday, you may try visiting the Santa Clara park on a Sunday. They meet at Bowers Park in Santa Clara, which is near the corner of Cabrillo Ave and San Thomas Expwy, every Sunday starting at around 1. Again, people tend to drift in over the first hour so if you don’t see anyone at first, hang out a bit!

Information about Ashen Spire or questions can be found and asked at their forums: on the CAamtgard.com website.

Undoubtedly a bunch of you how got cards and felt like giving us a look aren’t going to live near either of these two parks. Fear not! There’s a chance there is in fact Amtgard near you. Please feel free to visit the CAamtgard.com website which is the website of our parent group, the Principality of Westmarch. The Principality oversees all of the lands in California and you can find information about all of the sponsored lands in the state, and even two in Nevada. Perhaps you will be able to find a land near you?

If you are interested, there is an event being held on June 8th-10th up near Merced. This will be a great opportunity to see a lot more Amtgarders in their natural environments, especially if you are interested in the more Roleplay-ee aspects of our game. Information about the event can be found by visiting the event’s website: Flurbtastic ’12.

Thanks for coming by, and I hope you enjoyed the show at the Con and are interested in visiting one of our parks!

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