This page is meant to address two common questions asked. “What is Amtgard?” and “What is Wavehaven?” Here are some short explanations.

“What is Amtgard?”

The Official Amtgard Website, The Rulebook (PDF, 4.59MB), Beginner’s Guide (PDF, 1.00MB)

img-Burning Lands/Amtgard Inc. HeraldryTo quote the Official Amtgard Inc. website:

Amtgard is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that is dedicated to the recreation of the Sword and Sorcery genre as well as educational aspects of both Medieval and Ancient cultures. Amtgard focuses largely on a Medieval-based combat system but also encompasses the arts and sciences of the time, in a friendly, social atmosphere.

Amtgard uses safe, foam-padded replicas of Medieval weaponry. Anyone aged fourteen years or older may compete in the martial aspect of the game but we welcome members of all ages. There’s a place for everyone.

Compared to role-playing games of both analog (pen and paper Dungeons & Dragons, etc.) and digital (World of Warcraft, EverQuest, etc.) kinds, Amtgard features several features that are unique among traditional role-playing games: large group face-to-face social interaction, sunlight, and exercise. Often lumped into the genre of “Live Action Role-Playing” or LARP for short, Amtgard separates itself from other Live Action games by being free to play, open to anyone and having its own special blend of combat, magic, and socializing. There are very few places like an Amtgard event, where you can get together with tens to hundreds of like-minded individuals, hit them, fling fireballs at them, then at night feast and salute to the fun of the game and friendship with these same people.

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“What is Wavehaven?”

Kingdom of Dragonspine Website, Principality of Westmarch Website

img-Wavehaven HeraldryThe Duchy of Wavehaven is the oldest Amtgard land in California. Started in 1994 by man named Sir Jetara, a knight from Las Cruses, NM, Wavehaven has thrived in the coastal city of Santa Cruz. Though many a player have come and gone, the land still holds a reputation as a breeding ground of excellent fighters and artisans. Some players who still come out to the field on occasion can truthfully claim to been playing since 1994! Over the years, Wavehaven alumni have gone on to found three other lands in California; two of which are still active: Wyvern’s Spur in Berkley and Thor’s Refuge (originally Falcon’s Reach) in Sacramento (another Santa Cruz land, Sanctuary Hill, is sadly long defunct). Additionally, Wavehaven sponsored the then Shire of the Seven Sleeping Dragons in San Luis Obispo and tutored the land as they grew to become the Barony they are now.

img-Dragonspine HeraldryWestmarch HeraldryRecognized for its size and influence, Wavehaven was given the status of Duchy under the Kingdom of Dragonspine in 1999. Dragonspine is based out of Las Cruses, the homeland of Sir Jetara so it only seemed the most logical kingdom (and the closest at the time) to give allegiance to. Many years later, in 2007, Wavehaven participated, along with three other northern California lands in the construction of the Confederacy of Westmarch. Shortly there-after, with some considerable work between the Confederacy and Dragonspine, Westmarch was given the name Principality. Wavehaven is proud to support this aligning of the Californian lands and hope that in time all the lands’ efforts will be able to create a Kingdom here in California.

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