The War of the Darkshore XV

img-Darkshore Heraldry

Presented by the Duchy of Wavehaven

May 18–20, 2012
San Benito County Fairgrounds

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Schedule (PDF, n/a), Waiver (PDF, n/a) img-Darkshore Ditch


The gate fees are as follows:
Normal Fee: $25
Pre-pay Fee: Pre-pay closed
Day-Tripper: $10


Autocrat: Ailanthus (In charge of running the event)
War’o’Crat: Cream Puff (In charge of the battlegames)
Gate’o’Crat: Fiks (In charge of the gate and assistant GO-4), Bill the Nun (Most excellent assistant Gate’o’Crat)
Site’o’Crat: Laoric (In charge of security, site clean-up, and ensuring we’re good guests at the site, designated GO-4)
Feast’o’Crat: Ted (In charge of food, will fill in any empty meal slots, and will cook feast)


San Benito County Fairgrounds
(AKA Bolado Park, not to be confused with the Bolado Golf and Country Club)
Upper Picnic Area (Gate 4)
9000 Airline Hwy
Tres Pinos, CA 95023

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Keep in mind while driving to the site that we are in the Upper Picnic Area. You need to enter through Gate 4 (on the left if you’re heading south down Airline Highway) and drive slowly around the perimeter road to the gate on the far side of the field. We will have a table set-up for gate there, so look for our helpful staff. If you have pulled into the house, you have gone wrong. If you find yourself in the main fairgrounds and in an Antiquing Convention, you have gone wrong. If you find yourself in Paicines, you have gone wrong. If you find yourself in the middle of Hollister, keep going, you’re not quite there yet.

Directions From Hwy 1 (Monterey Bay Area):
From either direction of Hwy 1, take the Riverside 129 exit in Watsonville. Stay on road through Watsonville, past the farmlands on the perimeter, and follow through the mountains. Before San Juan Bautista, take Hwy 101 South and follow the “From Hwy 101 going north” directions from below (you’re hitting 101 far south than Hwy 25 in the “going south” directions).

Directions From Hwy 101 going north:
Take Hwy 156 (San Juan Bautista) exit and bear right. Stay on this road past San Juan Bautista (SJB/Hollister Rd.). Turn right at the signal onto Union Rd. Continue on Union, winding around the outskirts of Hollister, to the 4-way stop at Hwy 25/Airline Hwy. Turn right and continue past Tres Pinos to Bolado Park Gate 1 – San Benito County Fairgrounds.

From Hwy 101 going south:
Take Hwy 25 (Hollister/Pinnacles) exit and go back over the freeway. Approaching Hollister, turn left on Wright Rd. (shortly before 156/25 intersection), which turns into McCloskey. At the end of McCloskey, turn Right onto Fairview. Continue to the 4-way stop and turn left on Hwy 25/Airline Highway. Continue past Tres Pinos to Bolado Park.

From Hwy 5:
Take Hwy 152 West (Pacheco Pass) to Hwy 156 (after Casa de Fruta). Follow Hwy 156 to the signal at Fairview Rd. Turn left and continue to the 4-way stop; turn left on Hwy 25/Airline Hwy and continue past Tres Pinos to Bolado Park.


Schedule is still being hammered out, and as such meals and events are subject to change. Times are estimates and will be finalized closer to event. Battlegame information will be provided in April, as the games are still under construction by our War’o’Crat and several guest ‘Crats running their own games.


Early Bird Games/Tourney, Castle Battlegames, Scenario Battlegames, Westmarch Coronation, Jugging, Pie-in-the-Face Westmarch Fundraiser, Raffle Westmarch Fundraiser
Lit ditch field is still being negotiated, will announce formally later (site does have a small amount of light provided, but we’re looking into capability of getting the lights and generators)

12:00 – 00:00 Gate Opens, closes when I close
13:00 – Early Bird Games, TBD based on number and interest of players
17:00 – Dinner: Tacos, Clan Bloodstones
18:30 – Early Bird Tournament (Traditional Iron Man format)

07:00 – 17:00 Gate Opens, closes for dinner & court
07:00 – Breakfast: Undecided, Clan MacAbee
08:00 – Warmup Sparring and Ditching
10:00 – Bridge Battle (with a twist) (Militia)
11:00 – Pirates vs. Ninjas Battle (Full Class)
12:00 – Lunch: Sandwiches, Aegir’s Hall
13:00 – Final Westmarch War of the North Winds Battlegame (Full Class)
15:00 – Castle Battle (Militia)
16:00 – Control Point Battle (Full Class)
17:00 – Dinner: Chicken, veggies, salad, bread, dessert, WM and WH
17:00 – Court

07:00 – 12:00 Gate Opens, closes at lunch
07:00 – Breakfast: Undecided, Taly
08:00 – Warmup Sparring and Ditching
10:00 – Jugging(!)
12:00 – Lunch: Sandwiches, not staffed (Ted default)
13:00 – Monarchy vs. Populace Battle (Full Class)
14:00 – Monster Battle (Full Class)
16:00 – Single Sword at the Barrier (No Class)
17:00 – Dinner: Undecided, not staffed (will gauge interest), and early clean-up

Final clean-up and go home


Pre-pay is now closed. Sorry!