Still Alive…

The website might not be updated at all, but our group is still kicking.

Most of our communications happen through Facebook now-a-days, so go check out our Facebook group. We post when we have fighter-practices and game-days which means anyone interested in checking out the game can find information there.

If you’re not in the Santa Cruz/Monterey area and want to see where there might be some Amtgard near you in California, be sure to check out the Kingdom of Westmarch website which encompasses most of the lands within California and even a land in Nevada and a land in Hawaii.

As of the writing of this post Wavehaven meets weekly on Saturdays starting at around noon. People tend to show up in ones or twos at their own pace. If no one is around at first: wait a bit. We typically meet at Brommer Street park in Santa Cruz, at the north-west corner of 30th Avenue and Brommer Street in the Live Oak neighborhood. Sometimes we meet elsewhere so I definitely recommend checking with the Facebook group to make sure we haven’t made plans for a different park for a given weekend.

Look forward to seeing everyone!

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